A swoony romantic comedy about getting a second chance with your best shag.

I probably should have declined my bestie’s invitation to spend the summer in England working at her family’s castle-turned-hotel. But, dammit, it was either that or teach summer school math. Two doors down from my ex.

Obvious choice, right?

Except now I’m living within kissing distance of Jasper for the entire summer, and he’s just as sweet and sexy as I remember. Unfortunately, I also remember he gave me the best orgasm of my life in short-term parking. And on the desk chair. Then the kitchen counter. Judging by the way he kisses me, he remembers too.

Clearly, the best solution is:

a)Avoid him at all costs.

b) Sneak into Jasper’s room and bring a little Atlanta heat to the UK.

c) Fall for him. Hard.

I’m not going to choose C. Almost definitely.