A swoony romantic comedy about an American finding herself both literally and figuratively over a summer in England.

There may also be hilarious references to spotted dick.

How do you tell your best friend you had the best sex of your life with her brother in short-term parking?

Short answer: you don’t. 

That’s my method of (not) dealing with the awkward, and it worked just fine when Jasper and I had an ocean between us. Now that I’m in England at Castle Calder for the summer and he’s right down the hall? Different. Story. Because Jasper St Julien is as sweet and sexy as I remember, and his British accent still makes me swoon.

The problem is, those stolen kisses are different this time. More intense. Way hotter. And I still can’t figure out how to tell my best friend I have a thing for her brother — and this time it feels like way more than a fling.