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Can you spare a dime?

Brenda St John Brown

So yesterday on Twitter, author Patrick Ness started a Just Giving page to raise money for Save the Children, which helps children around the world and has put out an appeal to aid in the Syrian refugee crisis. He pledged to match the first £10,000 raised. Which he did. Then John Green pledged another matching £10,000, and Derek Landy and Rosemund Upton and David Nichols all pledged £10,000 when the next target was reached. So did a whole bunch of US YA authors (Rainbow Rowell, Margaret Stohl, Maureen Johnson. Richelle Mead, Gayle Forman, Libba Bray, Jenny Han, Shannon Hale -- to name a bunch, but not all).

As of now, the amount is £187,000, with GiftAid from UK taxpayers putting it over £200K. (You can only GiftAid if you're a UK taxpayer, FYI.) Others have pledged large donations when the total reaches £200K, but most of the donations are in the £5-20 range. If you're in the US, you can still give! JustGiving converts your dollars to pounds in a flash.

But this is only one of the many avenues available to help. There is a very good, thorough comprehensive list in the Independent today.

But however you choose to help, can you? Please?

The impact of this is being felt most keenly in Europe, but it s is a global crisis and, quite frankly, it terrifies me. These people are running for their lives, often with very young children. And who, as a parent, would put their child on a rickety boat or in a sealed truck, in harm's way, unless they felt like it was better than what they were running FROM? That's a thought to keep me up at night, for sure.