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Teaser Tuesday -- TRUTHS WE TELL

Brenda St John Brown

Sneak peek time! This is from the current chapter 4 of TRUTHS WE TELL, unedited, blah, blah, blah. 

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  Josh and I don’t exchange a single word during the seventeen-minute car ride to Si and Trudi’s. I alternate between looking at the passing fields and the clock on the dashboard. Neither are as compelling as I pretend they are.
  When we pull into the driveway, both Si and Trudi’s cars are there and I’m momentarily grateful to Josh for getting out of the car and walking through their front door. I’ve stayed with his best friends for two nights, but wouldn’t feel right just barging in, so at least Josh doing it saves me from standing awkwardly on the doorstep while he eyes me from the car.
  Of course now he’s in the house and I’m still standing awkwardly on the doorstep. Bracing myself. My last conversation with Trudi was her teasing me about the probability of me not coming home last night. Followed by an embarrassing conversation about condoms. She thought the night was going to go exactly as it did. Too bad neither of us anticipated the morning after.
  I take a deep breath. I’ve faced worse than whatever’s across that threshold. It can’t be worse than my first day in court. It won’t be worse than walking in on Eric doing a line in our bathroom when I’d thought he was clean. And it sure as hell can’t be worse than the day after I met Josh.
  Oh, the irony.