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No more airports, no more flights

Brenda St John Brown

No more driving on the right!

(Groan if you want to, but you've got to admit that's a little bit clever. :) ) In other words, I'm back! The daily blog and I took a hiatus for a week-long holiday in Croatia last week, which was beautiful, crowded and HOT. 

We stayed right outside of Split, which is a gorgeous old city. As evidenced here:

Split was the home to Grgur Ninski, who is a famous archbishop. His statue is outside of the Dioceletan Palace and it's said that rubbing his big toe brings good luck. Don't know if it's true, but I was happy to give it a try.

Our little beach was idyllic, although rocky. I'm more a fan of sandy beaches, but I was pretty happy sitting here reading nonetheless.

We were only there for a week (actually less, due to a faulty EasyJet that delayed our flight by a whole day, but that's a whole different story), so we spent a lot of time on the beach and exploring nearby, but one day we drove to Krka National Park and that was pretty gorgeous.

The falls were absolutely packed, but my husband caught a photo without anyone blocking the view, which is pretty amazing.

Now life is getting back to normal and I'm digging out my fleece for August in the UK, but am also looking forward to getting back to WORK. I have a book to write, you guys, and I really really need to get on it! Anyone else been to Croatia and have rec's for next time we go back? We came back with some Croatian money, so that means a return trip is pretty much mandatory, right?