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Want to read my books for free?

Brenda St John Brown

Legit offer -- if you want to read my books and you can't afford them (for whatever reason) email me via my contact form and I'll send you an e-book, no questions asked. I swear, this offer is good today and always.

Because there is nothing that makes me angrier than getting a Google alert for my books up on a pirating site. Some guy even made a YouTube video with instructions how to get the PDF of LIES WE LIVE. Nice, right? And last night I got another one. I'd be flattered if I weren't so pissed. 

I'l be completely honest, the money I've made so far from writing puts me WAY below the poverty line, no matter what country you're in. But it's not even the financial impact of pirating that gets me so angry. There are ways to get SWIMMING TO TOKYO for free -- it's available via Overdrive and in some libraries. I've done giveaways on both Facebook and Twitter for both of my books and sometimes, no matter how much I shout about it, I don't have any takers. Granted, I'm giving away e-books and not everyone has an e-reader, but honestly, I can't afford to be giving away print books and paying postage. Plus, those torrent sites aren't sending out print copies. I'm sure of it.

My offer of free books is couched in a mini-rant, but it's genuine. If you're a passionate reader who can't afford to buy my books and they're not available through any legit channels, hit me up. If you see books being pirated, speak up. And if you're pirating books -- or music, or movies, or whatever --  yourself, let me be the one to remind you, it's stealing, it's wrong and it's illegal. The end.