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When you wish upon a star...

Brenda St John Brown

I went out and sat in my front yard last night trying to see a meteor or two from the Perseid meteor shower, but I didn't see any shooting stars. I did, however, enjoy sitting in my front yard at midnight wearing my fluffy white robe and slippers, but who wouldn't? There's something magical about gazing at the night sky with no purpose other than to see the stars and just be. How tiny we are! How infinite is this universe anyway? And how beautiful is the canvas of the night sky? I am awed. Every time.

This life is full of opportunities for slowing down, checking in, seeing wonder, but I'm as guilty as anyone of missing them in the haze of electronics, to-do lists and busy. But as I sat outside last night, I vowed immediately to do it again on the next clear night, fluffy robe and all. I'd love for you to join me from your little corner of the world.