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New York Trip -- random musings

Brenda St John Brown

Why is there 4G everywhere? How long has that been a thing? I don't have ANY G's when I'm home in my tiny little village in NW England.

Selfie sticks -- ugh. Spent a day as a tourist in NYC and decided selfie sticks make me alternately hostile and sad. It all feels too Karadashian for me, regardless of how "practical" they might be.

Half and half is still a wonderful thing.

NYC everything bagels! One of the many reasons I could never really give up carbs.

Have there always been so many people in Times Square? Are you sure?

Buffalo chicken wings are, sadly, not as good as I remember.

However, margaritas ARE!

I genuinely forgot you had to sign for credit card purchases and show ID.

The only ID in my wallet is my UK driving license and one woman at Shop Rite asked me if I had any "real" ID. Um...?

Port Authority (the main bus terminal in NYC) remains as sketchy, I mean character-ful, as always.

90+ degrees is HOT. It's also at least 10 degrees hotter on the subway platform.

Gas is cheap. It cost me $32 to fill my mom's car.

Related: drive on the right!

I still love Target, but I'm glad we don't have it here.

I wish, however, that we had some version of Ann Taylor.

Flights both ways were incredibly smooth.

Did you know there's a website where you can check the turbulence forecast? I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing that I now know this.

A week ago today, I was walking into RWA! Related: the Marriott Marquis Times Square has the most complex elevator system I've ever seen.