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RWA Day 1 -- (brief) recap

Brenda St John Brown

Day 1 of RWA -- I went to a session on metadata, which was (surprisingly?) great. I need to go in and edit all of the "back matter" in my books. No lie. I went to a session by St Martin's Press and I want to write for them. Like everyone else on the planet, but really! But the real highlight of the day was meeting ALL THE PEOPLE I've "known" online. So many amazing people and they're all so nice, you guys! Anyone who knows me IRL knows that a roomful of strangers is NOT my happy place, but everyone here is so nice. Romance writers really ARE the best people. I feel so lucky that I'm here and I'm learning a lot, both in the sessions and, yes, from conversations in the bar. Speaking of the bar -- here's to Day 2!