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Ready or not -- #RWA15 here I come!

Brenda St John Brown

I'm heading to RWA15 today. The Romance Writers of America annual conference is being held in NYC this year and that's actually the whole reason for my American sojourn (although seeing friends and family is a big reason, too). I'm so excited (and nervous) to meet writer friends in real life, and learn all the things. I'm also on a panel on Saturday morning at 11am (with a bunch of other fabulous authors) if you want to mark your calendars -- So You've Written a Book. Now What?

The good thing is I haven't really been nervous about this conference until now because I've been so enjoying seeing family and friends. And, yep, you guessed it...that's the bad thing, as well. I even panic-shopped for a dress yesterday. With The Boy in tow. Which meant I got nada. Thank goodness my sister-in-law had a fab dress to lend. My new Converse came from Zappos yesterday and, well, I'm as set as I'm ever going to be. If you're there, please come say hello!! I'll be the one with the slightly dazed look trying to find the next session room. :)