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First book signing scheduled!

Brenda St John Brown

Saturday, July 18 2-4pm at Riverow Books in Owego, NY!

I'll be talking about this a lot more (and probably stressing about it a bit, too) closer to the time, but I'm thrilled to have a book signing scheduled at Riverow Books, thanks to the super lovely Darcy Simmons Wills (who is a social media guru and you should follow her on Twitter here)!

Most importantly, all proceeds from the signing will go to support the Family Reading Partnership. This is an incredible Owego-based charity to help foster literacy in families and communities and I'm so excited to support a cause near and dear to my heart in my home town! Yep, it's true. (And it's O-wego, not Os-wego, no matter what spell check might say!)

It's a long way to go for a book signing, I hear you say? Well, the long story about how this came about --  I'm heading to New York this month for the Romance Writers of America conference in NYC and it just so happens my 30th high school reunion is the weekend before. (Never mind how it's my 30th reunion. I still think I AM 30, but that's a whole different thing.) I RSVP'd to Darcy, who's organizing the reunion, and she wrote back something like, "Hey, you should do a book signing while you're here."

Despite my anxiety and unruly hair, I said something like, "I'd love to, but I'm not even sure where to have it." Darcy, however, knew just the place and when she mentioned the Family Reading Partnership, it all fell into place. Ok, truthfully, it took a Skype call and several emails, but the important thing is it's set! I can't wait to see you there!!!