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Summer Fridays

Brenda St John Brown

Before I was a writer, I worked in technology, weirdly enough -- first as a technical trainer, then in learning and development. It was fun-ish, mostly because of the people I worked with. But one thing I always loved about my jobs in the US were summer Fridays -- those 8 or 10 weeks when the office closed at noon or 1:00 and everybody left -- even the boss. The buzz in the air, the feeling of getting away with something, even though it was so clearly sanctioned by management...happy sigh.

There are no summer Fridays as a writer, although you might argue since it's a make-your-own-hours kind of thing, every Friday could be summer Friday. But, you've got to admit, it's a lot more fun when someone else is telling you to clock off and go have a beer in the sun than when you're making the executive decision, yourself. It's no coincidence I'm thinking about this on a Friday when it's 80F and sunny and if you're still working, may I suggest a summer Friday?