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Teaser and Two Book Rec's

Brenda St John Brown

It's Tuesday and I have a teaser for LIES WE LIVE today. (I'm frightening myself being so on top of these!) I also have a couple of amazing book rec's because what's better than promoting my own book? Sharing the love of someone else's. (Trust me -- this is 1000% true.)

Beckon Me

First up, Cindy Thomas's BECKON ME. This New Adult paranormal romance is the first in a series and I LOVED it! It's got everything I look for in a paranormal romance, including cool powers (seeing dead people, anyone?) and a hot hero. Karina is perfect as the girl-next-door heroine and Eli the hot neighbor will stay with you long after you finish reading. (Because you want to know MORE. And because he's hot.) 


The next book I can't wait to recommend is Chanel Cleeton's FLIRTING WITH SCANDAL. One of the perks of being a writer is having writer friends and getting to read their amazing books before they're generally available. I had the privilege of reading Chanel's book and it is hot, hot, hot. And did I mention the storyline is oh-so-great too? It's available May 19, but you could pre-order it now. Just saying...


Finally, teaser Tuesday for LIES WE LIVE! Happy Tuesday, everybody!

Lies We Live_teaser 3.jpg