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Success, Goals and an Invitation

Brenda St John Brown

The Boy is officially on school holiday for the next two-and-a-half weeks, which means lazy mornings and lots of 10-year-old wisdom. This morning as I was pouring my first cup of coffee at 9am (Let's actually pause there -- 9am!!! Bliss, as long as I don't remember those long-ago days when 9am meant getting up "early". ), I said something about needing to get a little work done today. And then I said something about school being his job, just like writing was mine. Then he said, "And just like school, sometimes you have to write for years before you're really successful and on the front page at Amazon."

I laughed, but then I came and sat down at my computer and his words are still rattling around my head. Sometimes you have to write for years. True, that.

And in those years, your definition of success changes. Sure, being on the front page at Amazon would be pretty cool. On my author wish list is definitely hitting a list -- The New York Times, USA Today, the Manchester Evening News. :) (I'm easy that way.) But, wishes, like unicorns, are ephemeral, and one thing I've learned on this journey is to focus on things I can control. My author to-do list, as it were.

Which is: to publish two books per year, minimum. I know lots of people pub a lot more, and maybe I can grow this number. But, I also know I'm SLOOOWWW and this is a reasonable number for me to aim for without killing myself. I'm hoping to have a book for you next spring, so look for the first details in early 2016.

And, related to that -- and more importantly -- I want to grow a group of dedicated readers. (If you've read this far, you're pretty dedicated.) And if you've read my books and want to read my future ones for free, maybe you want to join my launch team? I'd love to have you, so have a click over to the link and see what you think. In the meantime, happy first day of the holidays! If you've got to hang in until Friday, chocolate helps. So does wine.