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That dirty little word...

Brenda St John Brown


Promotion, advertising, publicity, hype, buzz. Whatever you call it, it's a little annoying, yes? In a, Sure it's a necessary evil, but *I* don't want to see it way. Maybe? A little?

No judgement here. I get it. But, putting on my writer hat, I've got to admit it IS a necessary evil -- and I'm going to be doing a bunch of it in the next month or so. Because, the truth is, there are A LOT of books out there in the world and how do you buy a book you've never heard of? The short answer -- you don't.

Don't worry, this isn't a warning that I'm about to turn into Polly Promo! If you're here, I'm assuming it's because you read -- and like -- my books. And if you could help me shout about them when you see that ad pop up on social media, I'd love you forever. Word of mouth is the best possible endorsement. And if you want to help in addition to any re-posts/retweets, sign up here and let me know what you fancy. I promise not to spam you.