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How do you feel about free books?

Brenda St John Brown

So, in a weird turn of events,  Amazon made LIES WE LIVE free in its US store yesterday. I've just checked and it's back up to $0.99, and that's still a bargain, yes? Which leads me to my question...what's your stance on free books? Do you download them and keep them for a rainy day? Do you download them and never read them? Or do you download and immediately move that book up your TBR list?

As a self-pub author, I have the flexibility to change my pricing whenever I want and before I set LIES WE LIVE to $0.99, I'd toyed with the idea of free to gain visibility in a crowded market. It's a tempting proposition and, I'm not going to lie, seeing nearly 60 downloads of my book in one day is cool. The idea of those 60 people actually reading my book is even better. If they read it -- and experts say it's a big "if".

So, reader experts, weigh in. How does free influence your perception of a book? Or doesn't it?