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Shameless self-promotion

Brenda St John Brown

I've been part of the gang over at  Across the Board for a few months now and if you haven't checked out the blog, it's worth a venture over because the posts are diverse and can be downright informative (Carrie Beckort, I'm looking at your How do you Pinterest? post. I can't be the ONLY one who's Pinterest challenged. Can I?)

Anyway, I post twice/month and today I've put some pages up for critique from my YA work-in-progress. I love writing YA and I can't wait to get back to this one, but it's also a pretty big departure from what I've written in the past, so I'd love your thoughts!

Also, while you're over there, you might get a kick out of the Back Jacket Hack Job I did on Swimming to Tokyo a few months ago. Because, well, laugh at yourself and the world laughs with you. Right??