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Semi-daily blog?

Brenda St John Brown

Those of you who pop around frequently have probably noticed that the daily blog has been not so daily lately. The reasons for this are mostly life and other things because sometimes it gets hard to do all the things. But I also cross-post to my Facebook author page and FB doesn't always like to share link-y posts. (Related: I'm still trying to figure out what FB DOES like to share because it seems to vary.) So, if I only have time to do one post, Facebook wins.

I'll still be over here plenty -- and will resume regularly scheduled programming once I get all the publishing stuff for TRUTHS WE TELL off my plate. In the meantime, if you haven't seen me around here, check Facebook. Or Twitter. There are reasons I have to close my browser while I'm writing. In fact, there are two very good ones right there. :)