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Teaser Tuesday

Brenda St John Brown

TRUTHS WE TELL is out in 7 weeks! Have I mentioned you can add it on Goodreads? Well, you can! And now, without further ado...

When I’m standing back at that damn buzzer on 21st Street, I’m seriously questioning why Trudi’s promise made me feel like this was the right idea. She’s not Josh and, okay, she’s one of his oldest friends, but she doesn’t know the whole story. Hell, she doesn’t even know half of the story and I’m taking her word as gospel?
I’m either desperate or crazy.
And unwilling to think very closely about either as I take a deep breath and push the buzzer.
Josh’s answering “hello” takes twenty seconds. It takes another twenty for me to stammer out my name and that, well, I was kind of in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop and I hope he doesn’t mind. He buzzes me in without saying anything, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t mind.
I take the stairs quickly and, unlike yesterday, the details are a blur. I just want to get to that apartment door and see Josh’s face so I know. Know what, exactly, I’m not sure. But when I see his face…
 I take a step back towards the stairs. His forehead creases, his mouth is tight and his tone is a dark November night, sans stars. “Ella. I’m surprised to see you here.”
Unpleasantly so, it seems. “I was in the neighborhood and I…”
“You should come in.” It’s not an invitation.