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coming october 11, 2017

As far as Scarlett St Julien is concerned, there are 6 Stages of Employment: and they are universal:

  • Up Before the Alarm
  • Two Coffee Mornings
  • Four Coffee Mornings
  • Running late. Again
  • Attending the Company Picnic
  • Organizing the Company Picnic

Since she started working at WS Consulting, all of Scarlett’s mornings require at least four cups of coffee. Sometimes five. Part of it is the job, itself. It’s practical and pays well, but she always thought she’d feel more passionate about her work.

The other part is her boss, Bradley Waring-Smith. Also known as Bradley Walking Sex, but that’s only between her and her roommate. And only after a few drinks. Hot or not, Bradley’s a thorn in Scarlett’s side. So when he asks her to show him the “real London” so he can gain a better understanding of his new client base, it’s the last thing she wants to do.

But the spark that ignites between them when they start spending time outside the office together? Talk about passion. Bradley isn’t the wanker Scarlett thought he was. He’s smart and funny and oh-so-sexy. But he’s still the boss. A fling with him is one thing. Falling for him? Well, that’s not an option. Is it?